X3M:360 & Lampa

360' is a free magazine, which instantly unified the lovers of the extreme sports in Bulgaria. In cooperation with the agents of 360' we are planning a few things, to boost your adrenalin with.

Skyline (more info + photos here!) - whoever wants to test his vestibular system welcome at any time.

24/7 lighted playground - here we cooperate with the boys from LAMPA, who will enlighten us, so we can play footbag, voley and poi at any time.

Rope line a.k.a trolley - if you have never slide on such thing, you better try it now! It's not like a mountain lift, and it's not as scary as...the bunji for example.

Mountainboard (more info + photos here!) - "there's nothing like that", "no comment" or a simple "WOW" comes to mind when seeing this remarkable invention of our time.

(Mountain)Biking (more info + photos here!) - we are in the mountain and a mountain bike is a pretty good option if you want to travel around.Take yours and have a nice trip into the wild! 

During the festival the dark moments will be lightened by LAMPA – a powerful LED lighting. The technology consumes low amounts of energy and it's harmless to the human eye. The long life and the ECE (energy conversion efficiency) of this product open the gates of the future from today. Without mercury and lead !