Policy for importing food and drinks at the entrance!

IMPORTANT: policy for importing food and drinks at the entrance

* food in any volume desired (as long as it is reasonable, off course) can be brought in. everyone has a personal responsibility to take care of their trash.
* glass bottles are prohibited in any case and for any reason (as a safety precaution).
* all bottles (no exceptions) will be opened at the entrance for safety reasons.
* each person can import one bottle of liquor and up to three bottles of beer/non-alcoholic beverages.
* each bottle imported will be charged RISK fee. Liquor fee is 4BGN per bottle, beer fee is 1BGN per bottle.

NOTE : The point of the RISK Fee is that by importing drinks, one endangers other visitors (and oneself) with consummation of drinks with unknown origin! The hosts cannot guarantee overall safety and do not have the capacity to carry out field investigation about what is poured inside one’s homemade booze, right?