MaxTelecom was the first European company that started a national 4G network back in the 2007. The 4G technologies (WiMax among) are considered the next generation wireless comunication - a successor to the popular 3G services. 
MaxTelecom is now available to more than 3,5 million users in Bulgaria (coverage), or in other words - we are ready to provide service to more than 55% of the population.

The company facilitates cutting-edge mobile technology and equipment. This makes available for a high speed internet and stable wireless connection - faster and way better than other providers. And there are no hidden taxes or unexpected paybill overheads.

Think of WiMax as the child of the WiFi and the mobile phone. In other words - it provides fluid WiFi connection on the go. The product codenamed 'MaX FREE' is quite a handy device... more like a flash drive that brings a massively accelerated internet pipe wherever you are (say between 8 and 20 Mbit). 

It's not like any 3G service - this one gives you unlimeted traffic for a flat rate (for real!). In short - good internet whenever you need, wherever you are.

Imagine now you can have your Skype calls, watch videos and movies, and listen to your favorite music, while you're traveling and … at a flat fee.

Here you can find an independent SpeedTest result from downtown Sofia, which clearly shows what speeds you can get from the MAX FREE service. In the suburbs of the cities, the speeds slightly goes down, but in 99% of the cases it will be much better than what you get from the clumsy 3G.