This year the HMSU Open Air Festival will take place at the Mines area on the territory of nature park Vitosha, above the Vladaya neighbourhood, near Sofia.

Long ago in Vladaya there were 5 careers which constructed a large part of the glimmering pavage of our dear capital. Now, there is much more.In the sympathetic region there is a large quantity of natural and cultural landmarks.

There are two legends for the name of the village.

For the region Karyerite above it there is only one.
According to it, on 01.07.2011. there begins the unstoppable hurricane called H.M.S.U. Open-Air Summer Festival. On this historic date boys and girls, wild and wilder come from all of Bulgaria to meet friends and strangers and to welcome charming guests from Eastern Europe with added bonus from The Nation of tulips and Austria.

The amazing lawn on which the event happens and the neon-purple shadows of the surrounding nature create magical back2back which cannot be missed.

Come to hear these and more massive and effective sounds under the wide sky with a singing and smiling heart.

If you don't have car of your own, a bicycle or a will to hitchhike - to Vladaya yo can get by:


"Central Station - Sofia" - "Vladaya Train Station"

first train: 05:35am.
last train: 22:40pm.
more info at: http://www.bdz.bg/


to Kniajevo: Tram - 5, 19
from Kniajevo to Vladaya: Buses - 58, 59
More information: http://www.sofiatraffic.bg/en/common


Line: Number 22
Route: Vladaya >> "Voinishko Vustanie" Str. >> "Tsar Boris III " Blvd. >> "Academician Ivan Geshov" Bvd. >> "George Sofia" Str >> "Praga" Str. >> "Hristo Botev" Blvd. >> "Maria Luisa" Bvd. >> "Lomsko Shosse" Bvd. >> "Hristo Silyanov" Str. >> "Narodni Buditeli" Str. (j.k. Svoboda)

Вижте по-голяма карта http://tinyurl.com/fest2011-map

How to behave in the mountain:

- building fires outside the hearths is forbidden
- chopping trees is forbidden (sanctions)
- inadequate actions and ignorance are highly intolerated (no excuses accepted)
- take care of your own trash, there are no cleaning ladies in the woods
- enter only if you have an entrance bracelet
- glass bottles cannot be brought inside 
- weapons and inflammable materials are taken away at the entrance

 What do you need for the festival:

 - a lantern or other adequate source of light (strictly necessary)
- sleeping bag (would be nice)
- warm clothes and socks (plenty)
- a hat (straw or urban)
- something for allergies (if you have any)
- phone charger (or an extra battery)
- camera (in case of short-term memory loss :)
- a bottle of water for the way up
- festive mood
- a friend or a few
-GPS device (if you have one)
-Map of Vitosha (if you are planing some walking around)

What we have provided:

-24/7 bar with food and drinks
-24/7 medical camp
-parking area
-chemical toilet
-wood for the fire camp (free)