Hard Music and Sounds United (H.M.S.U.) is a musical movement with a drum and bass direction and an informal launch in 1999.

From the outset, the organization has aimed to promote the drum and bass culture as a whole and in addition to involve new fans to their audience.

Since the dawn of this relatively new musical scene, HMSU has stood behind nearly all of the most impressive and highly acclaimed drum and bass events in the region. Over the past few years, the organization has worked to build a good relationship between all the drum and bass movements in the Balkans.

This work led to concrete results. Today H.M.S.U. Crew are always welcome in eastern European countries. Furthermore, the events organized by H.M.S.U. attract the attention of an ever-wider audience of all neighboring countries.As a result the organization's work over the years, today the Bulgarian drum and bass scene is known as the best developed in the Balkans and events organized by H.M.S.U. attract thousands of fans from both the country and entire Europe.

Most emblematic in the wide array of events organized by H.M.S.U. is  the Open-Air Summer Festival, which will have its ninth edition this year. The festival has established itself as the only event of its kind in Bulgaria with such a strong international presence. The upcoming edition of the festival will be attended by over 20 guests from around the world.

H.M.S.U. has a history of over 200 successful events featuring the most highly acclaimed drum and bass artists worldwide. For the main part of these events H.M.S.U. are the sole organizer and Exclusive producent. In 2007 and 2008 more than 50 artists with international recognition were invited to the parties in Bulgaria. Having set a concrete standart for quality H.M.S.U. is proud that almost all visitors continue to highly appreciate the level of organization and holding of events .

Information on previous events can be found at http://www.hmsu.org. On the website you can also find a non-stop streaming radio, as well as a subscription to H.M.S.U. newsletters, free downloads of music and video clips as well as promo mixes, a community shoutbox and much, much more !

H.M.S.U. has a free net label with high quality publications in a 320kbps MP3 format. Take part in the project, as many bulgarian artists and foreign artists have, and see your publication available on http://www.hmsu.net/


The Open-Air Summer Festival, organized by H.M.S.U. has been happening for more than a decade now. It started as an informal fan gathering but, throughout the years it has become the mightiest open-air party, which unites the bass appreciators.

Traditionally, the festival takes place nearby Sofia. Previous venues have been Balsha village, Kutina village, Malo Bouchino village, and the Drumsha area. The headliners who have visited Bulgaria to participate in the festival are too many to name, but here are some of them: Phace, Technical Itch, Hazard, Break, Dom & Roland, Big Bud, C4C, Taxman, Audio, Spor, Raiden, Psychofreud, Dillinja, Current Valune, The Sect, Capital J, J Majik, Jamalski.

The H.M.S.U. festival is emblematic for the local scene and is amongst the most long-awaited gigs in the region. The hosts are also sole producers of the whole festival. That is why the concept and vision of the festival are so unique, because it has been created with the cooperative efforts of those who love music.