A cleansing initiative with a reward for the volunteers!

The eleventh edition of the festival will take place in the Vitosha National Park – a pleasant surprise to all fellows of nature and a great opportunity for the ecologically responsible ones. That is why H.M.S.U. organizes an initiative for the cleansing of the road to the Mining area venue. The activity aims to pack the waste and scraps forming illegal dung-hills in bales and dispose of them.


The initiative is supported by "4:20" shop and the clean-up will start three days before the event (June 28th) from 16:20 and end three days after it (until July 6th). Every volunteer will receive a free festival ticket, as well as food and beverages during the clean-up. More info at fourtwenty@hmsu.org. To sign up go directly to the initiative (16:20 at the bus stop before the last), contact us on facebook (you can join the group here), or call +359888814604.